10 – Not All Mandroids

In which Phoenix has nothing on Jamie Madrox when it comes to retcons, Pterosaurs have super punchable faces, Colossus gets laid, we are uninterested in the Savage Land, Wolverine and Storm are both pretty interesting, smiling costs extra if you’re Doctor Doom, Banshee saves the day, Alpha Flight tries, Angry Hovercraft Guy comes back, and Proteus is fairly upsetting.


  • X-Men #109, 114-16, 118-122, and 125-128
  • Multiple Man
  • Metacontinuity
  • The Savage Land
  • Pterosaurs
  • Shi’ar mustache technology
  • Karl Lykos
  • Misty Knight
  • Colleen Wing
  • Wolverine in Japan
  • Mandroids
  • Moses Magnum
  • A Heist
  • Angus McWhirter, disgruntled hovercraft rental guy
  • Alpha Flight
  • Team Dynamics
  • Why you always leave a note
  • Proteus

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Next week: Secret origins, shipper wars, the Siege Perilous, and which of us would win in a fight.


  1. jesse says:

    hey guys another amazing episode!

    one note:

    Proteus DID come back during the Necrosha cross-over. He takes over Destiny’s corpse, Blindfold, Husk, and a host of other X-Men before Magneto “reached into Preoteus’s energy matrix and CHANGED it” which made him of course, dissipate into electrons and leave his death open to a future Proteus story.

    you guys are effing rad! keep up the good work

    – jesse

  2. AlexDumas says:

    While this is certainly a niche subject matter (though one with a surprisingly large audience) the quality of your production and performance truly transcends narrow categories. The podcast is both as exhaustive and as facile as an introduction to a highly convoluted subject matter can get, The format of each show is is intelligent and tightly organized yet still leaving space for riffing and improvisation. You two are just awesome and highly entertaining. Your podcasts are the perfect meld of graduate level dissertation and stand up act. I love what you are doing, would like to see you revisit and discuss the Steranko and Neal Adams issues eventually, but otherwise I am so happy to be along for the ride.
    Totally tangential, but I would love to see you tackle the the new Star Wars movies!

  3. David M says:

    Um…in our world Inverness is not the fourth largest city in Scotland, that would be Dundee. It’s not the fifth either, that might be Stirling, it’s certainly bigger than Inverness.
    No offence to Inverness, a place I have some amazingly happy memories of, but in our world it’s not even a close thing. In the 1970s Inverness had a population of about 35,000, while Dundee was about 185,000.
    Cyke should have maybe asked the Scot in the party.

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